Military Brother Shocks the Daylights Out of Sister With His Surprise Homecoming (VIDEO)

military homecomingFew things can rival the relationship between two siblings -- especially when you're young. They're the person you complain about Mom and Dad to; they're the person you hang out with on family vacations; they're the person who can make you laugh like no other. They're a built-in forever friend. So when one of those siblings is deployed due to their brave decision to serve our country, it has to be terrifying for the other.

Check out this adorable brother giving his equally adorable sister the surprise of her life with his amazing military homecoming. Her reaction is truly priceless.


What a great reaction. This girl is genuinely shocked at her bro's casual "remember me?" greeting. And you can just see the love between these two through their long hug. So glad they were reunited. What an adorable pair!

How sweet is this?


Image via ECUSWIM11/YouTube

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