Sneaky Bear Steals Entire Dumpster of Tasty Garbage -- You Seriously Won't Believe Your Eyes! (VIDEO)

bearSo, a bear walks into a restaurant ... Actually, a bear walks behind a restaurant. And he's hungry, right? So, what does he start doing? He begins pilfering through the dumpster, like any animal would. But after a while, he realizes, "You know what? If someone walks out here right now, I'm probably going to scare the sh*t out of them." So, he does what any gentleman would do: He drags the dumpster off, so he can pilfer in private. If you do one thing today, please check out this video of a bear stealing a dumpster. You won't be sorry. And you may be inclined to give the next bear you see a hat tip instead of running for your life. Probably not. But maybe.


Some may say he was stealing, but I just think he was being polite. Who wants to meet a bear in a dark alley?

Hey, if this guy is looking for some like-minded friends to hang with, he should get the number of the bear who opened up the car doors. These two look like they've got a lot in common. They could hop in the car and hit up a few of their favorite dumpsters.

How crazy is this?


Image via edelweissrest/YouTube

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