Navy Chief Surprises Wife at Cheesecake Factory by Blending In With the Waiters (VIDEO)

military homecomingIn what's one of the more adorable things I've seen in a while, a Navy Chief decided to surprise his wife and their daughter at the Cheesecake Factory after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. The Chief Petty Officer was able to blend in with the waiters, as he approached his family, being that the servers also wear all-white, and, well, you just need to see this woman's awesome reaction. She literally is rendered speechless! Check it out:


This woman is flat-out shocked. And with good reason -- who expects their long-lost husband to roll into the Cheesecake Factory while they're internally debating the lettuce wraps versus the roadside sliders? I love that this is where the Navy Chief decided to surprise his wife (originally, he was going to go with church). This truly is the last place on earth anyone would expect it!

And I really love that he hired a photographer. So thoughtful. Because this is a memory they're going to want to relive a thousand times over.

How adorable is this?


Image via mwlight/YouTube

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