Airman Makes Amazing Dunk in Combat Fatigues & Boots! (VIDEO)

airman dunk

Most members of the Air Force can fly, right? But how many of them can make that (admittedly awesome no matter what) claim ... without the help of an airplane of some kind? Airman Nathaniel Mills of Douglasville, Georgia can -- as anyone who saw Thursday's USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas can attest. Forget LeBron James: When Mills was asked to try to dunk during a break, the Airman didn't let his combat fatigues or heavy boots stop him. Nope! Mills grabbed that ball and proceeded to throw down a windmill jam that made even Carmelo Anthony of the NY Knicks go crazy! 


And with good reason! I don't know if Mills has a secret history as a basketball prodigy or if he's really good at that Peter Pan "think happy thoughts" trick or if he moonlights as one of Santa's reindeer or what, but dang! Dude can jump!! And according to him, what you're about to watch isn't even his best: 

"You should see me without fatigues and without boots," he said. 

Whoa! Check it out:

Impressive, no?? I don't think I could pull something like that off with a trampoline and pair of moon boots. (Do they still make those? Anyway.)

Have you ever seen a non-professional basketball player make a dunk like this?

Image via fullcourtvideo/YouTube

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