Wife Gives Army Husband Surprise of His Life at Military Homecoming (VIDEO)

Military homecomingThere is no feeling of anticipation quite like the excitement that goes along with seeing someone you love return from a long military deployment away. For so many months, you've communicated with that person via email and sporadic phone conversations -- longing for the moment you get to hold them in your arms again.

Chris, an Army soldier returning from Afghanistan, thought that his wife was going to miss his homecoming in Washington because of school obligations down in North Carolina. Little did he know that she was about to give him the most fantastic surprise of his life.

See what a real military homecoming looks like, here:


The video starts slow and the suspense builds for a while, but believe me it ramps up and gets really good with the crowd's excitement and then the sweet surprise. Trust me:

Hello, tension-building curtain rise! All of these people just waiting in suspense as they higher-ups ever so slowly raise that gym curtain. I can only imagine how many wives, kids, friends, and family members wanted to charge behind that barrier to embrace their loved ones. Heck, when my ex-boyfriend returned from Afghanistan, they had us all line up outside of an airplane hanger and welcome them back. You better believe we all were thinking the same thing: Stop the dramatics and give us our soldiers!

Chris' wife's surprise melts my heart. You can see the love in his eyes as his wife pops out from behind him. I remember that feeling, I can see it in her face. As she stands there staring at her husband in admiration, she's studying the curves of his face -- remembering what they look like and thanking her lucky stars that he's back home safe.

Have you ever been to a homecoming like this one? Did the anticipation almost kill you?


Image via angrycheesenip/ YouTube

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