Brave Soldier Saves Man in Wheelchair & His Heroism Is Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

It seems like every other day, we hear about someone falling onto subway tracks. And sometimes it doesn't end so well. But other times, it does. This is one of those times. This Good Samaritan story is more awe-inspiring than most. First off, the guy who fell onto the tracks in Washington, D.C. was in a wheelchair! The man, who didn't want to be identified, was trying to read an electronic sign when he wheeled closer to the platform and, not realizing how close he was, tumbled right over the side, landing flat on his face, inches from the dangerous third rail. But help was on the way in the form of a soldier! Army specialist Michael Mechaca, who happened to be coming down the stairs when he saw the man plummet onto the tracks, didn't think twice before rushing in to help.


Surveillance cam footage shows the soldier quickly jumping over the side of the platform to help the man, who lay sprawled helplessly in the middle of the tracks, with a train minutes away from approaching the station. He thought he'd be able to drag the man away, but then realized he was strapped into his wheelchair.

Mechaca struggled to release the man, feeling like "every second was 30 seconds," when another miracle happened. Other Good Samaritans began jumping over the side to help! One of the heroes actually came from the other side of the tracks and had to leap over the electrified third rail to get to the scene.

The four of them were able to pick the man up in his wheelchair and then get him back on the platform. They truly risked their lives for a complete stranger!

Mechaca humbly refuses to call himself a hero and will only concede that he was being "courteous." He points out that he wasn't the only one to help. Oh, but he's being shy. The fact that he jumped down first probably helped galvanize others to help too. One person wouldn't have been able to do it alone, so seeing one person take that brave first leap no doubt spurred others into action.

The man broke his wrist but is otherwise fine and recovering at home. He says he is very thankful to the kind souls who jumped down to save him.

Mechana is now being considered for the highest service medal a soldier can receive during peacetime. As for why he did it, Mechaca says, "Do something. Make a difference." And he certainly did!

What would you have done?


Image via YouTube

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