North Carolina Deck Collapses While Happy Family Gets Together to Take a Picture (VIDEO)

deckThe deck of a second story condo in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. collapsed onto a concrete patio while a family gathered 'round to take a photo together. Thankfully, no one was killed or received life-threatening injuries, but there were a few broken bones and lacerations. Twenty-one people, ages infant to elderly, were hurt in the incident, and man, talk about unexpected.


An inspector who visited the home Wednesday believes that rusty nails may be to blame for the collapse, or the fact that, with 25 people on the deck, it could have been holding 4,000 pounds at the time of the collapse. Neighbor Ray Weir said he heard the wood slowly breaking and heard people screaming as the wood buckled and the deck fell to the ground. He called the whole ordeal "terrifying", and said it's lucky no one died.

Could you imagine this happening to you? There you are, on vacation, enjoying time with your family. You decide to all pile on to the deck -- of the $10,000 a week home you're renting -- and boom, it gives way right under you. Thank god everyone is okay. I keep thinking about the poor mother of the infant who was reportedly on the deck. She must have been terrified while it was happening. As parents, all we want to do is protect our kids. She must have felt so helpless in that situation.

Again, thankfully everyone is okay, and I'm guessing this will prompt changes to the current inspection protocols in the area. Also, I'm guessing people will now be wary before piling onto a deck for a photo op. Sometimes, it really does feel like nothing's safe.

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Image via Penny Blankenship/Flickr

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