Maid of Honor Raps Best Wedding Toast Ever (VIDEO)

best maid of honor speech everSo your sister is getting married. You could stand up front and give a weepy toast about how much you love her and how perfect she and her new husband are together. Or you could throw on a black hoodie and channel some Eminem. That's what 24-year-old Jennifer Gabrielli did at her sister, Nicole's wedding. Jennifer rapped her wedding toast to the tune of Eminem's "Without Me" -- customized with her own lyrics.

Jennifer is a musical girl who sings, plays piano, and writes music. She says she memorizes songs better than she memorizes speeches, and she "didn’t want to get up there and get nervous and forget everything or start to cry." And so, she came up with this awesomeness instead. 


Don't you wish that every time you were nervous about something you could catch a flash of brilliance and find an alternative that's even better than what's expected? Did you follow that last sentence? I guess what I'm saying is, this rapped toast is so much more sincere and true and funny for Jennifer.

Nicole and her new husband Blake loved the rap -- of course they did. How could they not? Jennifer hit just the right note with her affectionate jokes, and don't you just love that line, "I love you bigger than the sky" -- it's a family saying.

But what really helped Jennifer nail it was practice. She didn't get drunk and stumble to the front of the room and wing it. She prepared and rehearsed. It looks funny and spontaneous, but it was all planned out. And I think going through all that trouble makes this not only the best maid of honor toast ever, but also one of the sweetest gifts you could ever give your sister.

Would you ever be brave enough to rap a wedding toast?


Image via bennyekmedia/YouTube

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