Military Mom Goes Speechless When Soldier Son Gives Her the Surprise of Her Life (VIDEO)

military homecomingRaphael left his family in the U.S. to serve in the Israeli Army. For the past seven months, he's been in basic and advanced training in Israel -- and still has eight months of elite training to go. But he was granted a two-week leave, so he decided to come home to America to see his friends and family, and naturally, he wanted to surprise his mother.

No words can do this sweet and touching reunion between a mother and her son justice, so you need to watch the video for yourself. Prepare to get chills.


There aren't many words exchanged between Raphael and his mother, but you can see how much love they have between the two of them. Raphael's mom is rendered speechless when she sees him. All she wants to do is hold her son. Truly a touching military homecoming. So glad these two get to spend time together. Love.

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Image via troublemakkerrafi/YouTube

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