Man Proposes a Second Time With a Little Help From Wife's Cheerleading Squad (VIDEO)

proposal make-up canadaA marriage proposal is supposed to be a once in a lifetime, OMG, tear-jerking, adrenaline-pumping, memorable moment you'll be able to tell the incredible story of for years to come. But sometimes it doesn't turn out that way. Your guy gets nervous, because there's so much pressure surrounding that one question. You get all worked up, because you've been waiting for that one question. And in the end, it turns out to be nothing like what you imagined or have seen on YouTube. That's okay, it happens, and everything can still turn out perfectly romantic and beautiful in the end.

Still, I can understand why a guy may want to take another shot at a proposal gone wrong. That's exactly what one guy from New Brunswick, Canada did recently for his wife Jackie, enlisting the help of the cheer squad she coaches.

Check it out ...


How. Incredibly. Unbelievably. Sweet! You can tell she wasn't expecting it at all. I mean, what wife would? Once you've been proposed to, you kinda figure it's not going to happen again! But this adorable "make-up" proposal just goes to show it can. Because as Jackie's thoughtful hubby put it, who's to say he couldn't give his wife the proposal he wish he had in the first place, the one he felt she deserved all along? Aww!

What do you think about the idea of a make-up proposal?


Image via MrDiggityDave/YouTube

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