Adorable Two-Headed Kitten Might Live a Surprisingly Long Life (VIDEO)

two headed kitten
Deucy's right side ...
Hark the herald angels sing, a two-headed kitten was born in Oregon this week. Named Deucy, she came into the world on 6/11 at 6:11 a.m. with not one, but two adorable little heads. I know what you're thinking: But Lindsay, two-headed animals don't have very long lifespans! How long will Deucy be with us?

Guys, there's really good news.


The vet checked her out and found nothing wrong with her internal organs. Deucy (and I'm just NOW getting the double-meaning of his name) is expected to live a full life! Double the heads means double the kisses for this kitty.

Just look at that face! Er, faces!

two headed cat

Check her out in live action:

How cute is she??


Photo via CNN/YouTube

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