Military Men & Women Surprise Dear Old Dad in 5 Sweet Homecomings (VIDEOS)

military homecomingWith Father's Day just around the corner, now seems like a good time to watch a video or five of a military homecoming in which dad gets the awesome surprise in the end. Not only are these videos incredibly sweet and heart-warming, they'll make you just a little more grateful for your father.

Whether he's the mushiest guy around, or has a hard time expressing just how much he loves you, these amazing videos of the men and women of the military surprising their dads will show you how important you are to him. (And they also might make you a little misty, so get those tissues ready.)

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. You guys are the best.

Check out these 5 awesome military homecoming videos of dads being surprised:



If you didn't tear up a little bit at this dad's reaction, you might need to check your pulse. The man's so happy, he practically collapses!

Even though he's been in the military himself for years and knows the drill, there's still no stopping this proud papa from getting emotional when his son surprises him on national television.

It's impossible not to get choked up seeing this father and daughter embrace after two long years. Dad just doesn't want to let go.

The fact that this video is of a soldier surprising his father-in-law makes it amazing -- so sweet to think the two men have such a bond. But the dad trying to finish up his business call while holding in the tears takes the cake. Love!

A surprise party, a man in a monkey suit, and your son home from the military. Doesn't get much better than this.

How sweet are these videos?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube

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