Comedian Pops the Question With Most Hilarious & Unique Proposal You've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

ethan fixell proposalWhen you make your living as a comedian, you probably feel an insane amount of pressure to deliver a entertaining marriage proposal to your significant other. If NYC funny man Ethan Fixell was concerned about that, he has absolutely no need to worry, because he managed to pop the question in one of the most hilarious, inventive, and romantic ways you've probably ever seen.

No, seriously! I promise this isn't another "epic" flash mob or hidden camera surprise. Sure, those are awesome, too, but Fixell's proposal was truly unique. And it all began with a video he made that involves a short history of the couple's romance interspersed with excerpts from Wedding Crashers, The Notebook, and even Aladdin. HA! Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds.

Check it out ...


Ahh!! How could you not crack up and tear up at the same time watching that?

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Gotta hand it to Fixell. Even though he jokes that he stammered and couldn't even really get the words out when it boiled down to The Moment, the guy knocked it out of the park with this hilarious, touching proposal. And also probably got his fiancee to fall for him all over again.

How amazing is this?!

Image via Ethan Fixell/YouTube

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