Marine Surprises Sister at High Graduation Practice & Her Emotional Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)

military homecomingIf you have siblings, typically they're a huge part of your life during your high school years. Whether you're fighting with them over who gets to use the car, or standing as a united front against your parents, they're an integral part of your upbringing. The thought of not having your brother or sister at an event as big as your high school graduation would be crushing. And sadly, for those who have siblings who have been deployed, it's a reality. 

But once in a while, a brother or sister decides to surprise their sibling and turn their world upside down. That's exactly what happened to Katie at her high school graduation practice -- her brother, who's her "best friend", flew in from where he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and, well, you can imagine what happened.

Get those tissues ready!



Tear! You can tell how much Katie missed her brother by the fact that she can't stop hugging him. What an unbelievable surprise! So happy her brother was able to make it to this important occasion in her life. This made an already-special day all the more special.

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Image via TheBobJohnson1984/Flickr

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