Catty ‘Mean Girl’ Feud Between News Anchor & Weather Woman Makes Watching the News Fun (VIDEO)

This is so wrong and yet, somehow, so damn right. Nicole Brewer, a former beauty pageant winner turned news anchor, and Carol Erickson, an older blonde weather forecaster, go at each other in a series of eye rolls, sharp quips, and barely concealed disdain as they toss insults back and forth. And they do it all on-air. You haven't seen newscasting this unintentionally hilarious since Will Ferrell and Steve Carell teamed up for Anchorman. Only this is apparently all for real!


One eagle-eyed viewer decided to compile it all into one jaw-dropping video. Check it out:

Now, if you're wondering how the ladies manage to get away with such seemingly unprofessional behavior on-air, the station's general manager defends them, saying that the women are "very close" and what you see on air isn't their relationship at all.

I get the feeling the ladies were ordered to do more jokey banter between cues, and the exasperation of that is actually what is setting them off, not each other, but Nicole especially just seems really bad at the whole banter thing and comes across like she wants to throttle the weather woman. I love it when Carol accuses Nicole of being drunk though. Damn, I could watch these broads all day.

I bet this makes their ratings go through the roof. These ladies could spawn a new show: Real News Anchors of Philly.

Do you think this is disdain or friendly banter?

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