Soldier Proposes to Girlfriend on Stage at Concert in the Most Beautiful Way (VIDEO)

Military marriage proposalThere's cute, and then there's adorable. That's exactly the phrase I'll use to describe Joshua Albertin, an Air Reservist and Technical Sergeant. The Georgia soldier told his girlfriend Diana Stephens to join him up on stage at a Charlie Daniels concert at Stone Mountain Park under the pretext that they would be introducing the band to the audience. What actually happened, though, will make you go awwww. Stephens got down on one knee and, with the help of a few cute sign holders, proposed to Diana.

If the setting and element of surprise aren't fantastic enough, just wait until you hear what he says to his bride-to-be. Watch Sergeant Joshua Albertin's surprise proposal, here:


Did you hear him? "It takes a strong woman to love a man; it takes an even stronger lady to love a military man." Amen, brother. You can't always control the way your heart feels. For Annie (as he calls her), it must have been totally difficult to watch her soldier go off to war knowing that he was taking a piece of her heart with him. I know, a few years back I was in her exact position. You have to stay strong for them when things are going tough, and be supportive even though all you want is your soldier back in your arms.

With that said, it's so great to see the two of them together now. Congratulations to the happy couple! Let's hope his vows are as epic as his proposal.

Did this proposal make you smile?


Image via stonemountainpark1/YouTube

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