Baby 'Flushed' Down Toilet Is Rescued in Amazing Video (VIDEO)

A newborn baby was rescued from a sewage pipe after he was flushed down a toilet in China. The infant boy still had his umbilical cord attached and was reportedly discovered after residents heard the sound of a baby crying. The baby was stuck in a pipe just four inches wide, and amazing but highly disturbing video of the crying baby being rescued is circulating. Firefighters and rescue workers had to cut the pipe around the infant. He was rushed to a hospital and miraculously is doing fine.


Many reports say that the parents are being looked for and that one or both flushed the baby down the toilet. A more horrific, disgusting act I can't imagine.

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However, Sky News is reporting that the mother had hidden her pregnancy and given birth unexpectedly on the toilet. The baby then apparently became stuck underneath the "squat toilet." A lot of poor areas of the world don't have flushing toilets, you merely squat over a hole in the ground and use buckets of water to wash away waste. As you can see from the video, that's the kind of toilet it looks like. Yet, somehow the baby moved far enough down the toilet to get stuck in the pipe.

Sky News reports that the mom then called her landlord and claimed she heard "weird noises" in the toilet and the landlord called police after spotting the infant. This particular report says the mom was on the scene during the rescue and admitted it was her baby.

Rescuers spent an hour taking apart the tube where the baby was stuck with pliers and saws. The infant is reportedly now well enough to leave the hospital, though it's unclear where he will go. Back to the mom who birthed him in the toilet and clearly isn't in a position to have a child?

I certainly hope this baby was dumped down the toilet by accident and not on purpose, as many other outlets are suggesting. Anyone doing this on purpose has ZERO heart and is completely inhumane. There is never any reason that someone who doesn't want a child could, at the very least and if there are no safe haven laws, drop it on someone's doorstep in the middle of the night and give the baby a chance.

If the mom did do this by accident, it's certainly quite a way for any infant to enter the world. Hopefully he can overcome these quite dramatic beginnings. Here's the astonishing video of the infant's rescue.

Do you think this happened on purpose or by accident?


Image via Sky News

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