Wife Douses Husband With Beer in Ballpark Spat That Will Crack You Up (VIDEO)

cup of beerI love people watching. I can do it anywhere. In the mall. At the park. But I have to admit, some of the best people watching moments come right in my house -- while I'm watching a baseball game. And the wife who doused her husband with her beer in the middle of the Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets game this weekend didn't disappoint.

Hubby saw Cubs pitcher Travis Wood get a hold of a ball and send it barrelling at the bleachers -- right where he was sitting with his beloved. So he jumps up -- probably to snag the thing but also to save his wife's hide -- and ends up knocking his wife's beer all over her in the process. So what did she do? What do you THINK she did? Just watch:


Hahaha! I'm not sure what I loved most. Her automatic, "Hey Buddy, nobody spills my beer and gets away with it" move or their easy going ribbing when the MLB network caught up with them and told them just how viral their little spat had gone.

Sometimes you see things going on in the background at a game, and you have to hit the rewind (thank you TV on Demand!) because you just can't believe you saw it. But you don't always get the back story on it.

When the moment FIRST caught viewers' attention, we didn't yet know why Ellen pitched her brew at her hubs, or that he'd be so tickled by the whole thing. I'm glad the folks at MLB tracked them down to get the whole story -- because their good nature is what really makes this crazy story work!

By the way, the Mets won. Of course.

What's been your favorite fan moment while watching a game?


Image via a loves dc/Flickr

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