Woman Thrown Off Plane for Singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ When It COULD Have Been a Sing-Along (VIDEO)

the bodyguardAll she wanted to do was sing! In the middle of a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, a plane made an emergency landing in Kansas City just to eject a passenger who was singing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. Over and over again. Come on, it's not like she was singing "The Wheels on the Bus" ad nauseum. (I'm looking at you, dad in seat 5F.)

Because this is 2013, someone got video of the incident, in which we see that the woman in question was dragged off the plane still singing, not skipping a beat. The show must go on! I so admire that. In fact, I think this represents a terrible missed opportunity for everyone on that flight.


Okay, maybe Ms. Not Whitney wasn't doing the song any justice. Maybe this is not the best cover you've ever heard. Nor even Whit's best song. (Why do we never hear "How Will I Know?") But food for thought: Why don't airlines offer in-flight karaoke? If she'd just had a music machine with her and a proper microphone, maybe the right lighting and some drink specials for everyone, this would have been a very different flight. A FUN ONE.

Why is this not a thing yet? Is it because 50 percent of the population suffer from karaoke intolerance? Those are the people who need to be saved by hit ballads from the 1980s. This is for the good of all of us. If there had been a karaoke machine, someone at some point would have grabbed the mike out of Ms. Not Whitney's hands and started in on "Don't Stop Believing." And then another song, and another. Next thing you know, it's a party.

Even without a karaoke machine, this could have ended in fun instead of inconvenience. If people had started singing along with this woman -- just picture it! After singing "I Will Always Love You" a couple times in a row (just to humor her), someone else could have picked a different song, and the sing-along would have kept going. Jesus, people. Flying these days is so stressful! But it so doesn't have to be if we all just agree to embrace a little serendipity.


What would you do if someone kept singing on a flight?


Image via Warner Bros.

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