Military Son Seriously Shocks His Mom in Sweetest Homecoming Surprise Ever (VIDEO)

military homecomingEvery military homecoming is heart-warming, but there's something just a little sweeter about a mom being reunited with her son who was deployed just in time for Mother's Day. And the whole thing is made just a little more touching -- and kind of hilarious -- when Mom doesn't even realize her long-lost son is standing right in front of her!

Check out this beautiful clip of a son surprising his mother -- and be prepared to spontaneously hug a family member afterward.



The fact that Mom had no clue her own son was standing right in front of her goes to show how he was the last person on earth she was expecting to see. What a treat! Nice job on the surprise, Son. And nice job on the timing. Seeing your child for the first time in a long time is the best Mother's Day present of all. 

How sweet is this?


Image via royalfamily11311/YouTube

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