Soldiers Give Moms a Heartwarming Surprise Just in Time for Mother's Day (VIDEOS)

welcome home blog soldier surprises motherOn this and every Mother's Day, we all want to be with our moms -- or, if we're moms, with our kids -- but sometimes it doesn't always work out. Especially when you're serving in the military, and your work may take you away from your loved ones for months on end. You've gotta rely on letters or maybe Skype or FaceTime to touch base with loved ones. But occasionally, soldiers get to come home on the happy holiday ... And what better way to get the celebration started than by surprising Mom?

Two soldiers recently knocked their moms' socks off with unexpected homecomings. Check 'em out ...


After being in Korea for a year, one soldier managed to come home a few days earlier than originally planned. Everyone was in on his arrival, except his mom. His little brother -- the one dressed in uniform, as he happened to have a drill that day -- gets the ball rolling on the big surprise. And when it happens, you can tell their mom was simply beside herself!

Similarly, Sheila was surprised by her son, Patrick, who had left for Germany and then Afgahnistan when he was just 18. She tells

He joined the service because he wanted to help soldiers on the battlefield. He trained to be a medic and learned to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

After spending a year overseas, he came home a few days ahead of the time he had told his mother he was due back. And check out what ensued when he caught her off-guard at the school where she works ...

So awesome! Love that these mothers and soldiers got some QT this Mother's Day. I'm sure it's the greatest gift either could have asked for and received.

What's the best Mother's Day surprise you've ever participated in or experienced?

Image via Thebobjohnson1984/YouTube

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