Weatherman Battles On-Air Hiccup Attack While Courageously Delivering Forecast (VIDEO)

weatherman hiccupsThe last time I wrote about a cringeworthy on-air news moment, it was when rookie anchor A.J. Clemente managed to start his very first broadcast by mumbling an extremely offensive phrase before going on to bungle the entire intro, taking his co-anchor down with him in a steaming trainwreck of awkwardness. Today's news blooper isn't nearly so bad, and in fact, it's really pretty impressive -- thanks to KHOU-TV meteorologist David Paul's willingness to doggedly soldier on while enduring a relentless case of the hiccups.

Paul was struck with the hiccups during a most inopportune time: right in the middle of Monday’s KHOU 11 News, as he was live on the air delivering the weather report. Unfortunately for Paul, it was a rather lengthy weather report, including lots of details about a large storm in Houston -- but unlike Clemente the Epic F-bombing Fail, David Paul summoned every last reserve to "Hic!" and "Erk!" his way through the entire bulletin.


As embarrassing on-air incidents go, having the hiccups barely rates on the humiliation scale. I mean, he could have had diarrhea like this poor weatherman. Or he could have accidentally eaten a fly like this reporter (warning: that link contains both bad language and extreme hilarity). Or he could have documented his bizarrely dramatic experience being chased by a turkey like this lady.
Still, if you've ever endured a persistent hiccup attack, you can probably imagine what David Paul was going through as he battled his way through this broadcast. Check it out:

Aw, what a guy. I love that he just keeps on keepin' on, occasionally saying "Excuse me" and shaking his head ruefully. The picture of -- hurk! -- professionalism, unlike more than a few other weather report bloopers I've seen. I mean, remember Arthur?

Have you ever dealt with a badly-timed hiccup attack? What's your go-to cure for getting rid of them?

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