Soldier's Heart-Wrenching Homecoming Couldn't Have Been More Perfectly Timed (VIDEO)

sgt. michael sweeneyStaff Sergeant Michael Sweeney's family has been going through a particularly challenging, heart-wrenching time. Sweeney's daughter just gave birth to her first child, but something went wrong and last week the baby had to go back to the hospital. Then, his stepson was in a bad motorcycle accident. Meanwhile, Sgt. Sweeney had been far away for a year serving in Kuwait. In fact, he's been deployed four times since 9/11.

And while the Houston area-based Sweeney family has missed Michael every time he's gone away, this was one week they may have been missing him more than ever. Amazingly, Sgt. Sweeney planned a surprise homecoming that came at exactly the right time.

Check out the local news story on his return home ...


Awww. I love how the reporter called Sgt. Sweeney the glue that holds this family together. It sounds like that's very much the case.

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Don't get me wrong. The family seems like they're all a tough bunch who will undoubtedly have what it takes to make it through this difficult time. But having their dad there for them as a shoulder to lean on or extra helping hand will hopefully make everything easier on his wife Julie and their kids. Thank goodness he was able to make it home just when they needed him the most.

Is someone "the glue" in your family?


Image via ABC13Channel/YouTube

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