Sailor Shocks His Whole Family With Heart-Stopping, Sweet Homecoming (VIDEO)

sailor hugging sisterI wonder what's running through a serviceman or woman's mind when they're on their way home. Are they nervous, elated, calm as a cucumber, exhausted, all of the above? Are they plotting the best possible way to make their loved ones FREAK OUT? Because it seems like some take great pride in doing that! And you know, good for them! Everyone needs a super-emotional moment now and then.

In military homecoming video recently featured on, a sailor treated every single one of his six (yeah, count 'em, SIX!) siblings to one of those unforgettably poignant and heart-stopping "OMG" moments when he surprised each sister and brother one by one. And then he shocked his mom and dad. So awesome! Check it out -- and make sure to watch 'til the end when Mom gives her sailor son the most hilarious "welcome home!" ever.


OMG. Too. Too. Funny. The last part, I mean. Oh, do I NOT blame his mom at all! That would've totally been my reaction too, if I was her! Also, how much do you love that ALL the sisters jumped up on him the same way? (Even risking their modesty if they were wearing skirts ...) Ha ha, very cute.

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You can just tell this is one big, tightly-knit, funny, amazing family. As shocked or stunned or semi-annoyed as they seemed, it really does seem like an EPIC surprise like this one was riiight up their alley!

How cute was this?!


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