Airman Surprises Mom & Sister With Awesome Hidden Camera Homecoming (VIDEO)

airman homecomingWe've seen a lot of military homecomings in which the serviceman or woman was in the dark. They may have anticipated a welcome home from a few select loved ones but could never have imagined the huge celebration awaiting them when they got back to their town. But how 'bout when our brave military men and women have a trick or two up their sleeves when they get home? Just as priceless!

When a U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant arrived home for a visit, he set up hidden cameras in his family's kitchen. When his mom and sister came home, they got the surprise of their lives. And it was aaallll caught on video. Check it out ...


Awwww! Now THAT's how a surprise homecoming is done! Granted, there wasn't a lot of theatrics, but pfft, who needs 'em!? The airman being home and being able to surprise his mom and sister -- on her birthday nonetheless! -- was enough for this family. It was enough for their son/brother to be home and able to hug him after being apart for who knows how long.  

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Okay, gotta admit placing the hidden camera was pretty awesome, too! I'm thinking the mom and sis won't mind having unwittingly been filmed. After all, you'd hope anyone in their shoes would have reacted in exactly the same way.

Did this make you tear up?


Image via Scott Bliss/YouTube

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