Reporter Stops Her Wedding to Cover Earthquake in Her Gown & Veil (VIDEO)

chen yingThere's dedication to your job, then there's dedication to your job. A reporter who was moments away from her wedding displayed the latter when she abandoned all nuptial festivities in order to get the latest on the massive 6.6 earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan province. The reporter, Chen Ying, was supposedly getting her makeup done when the earthquake hit, and she ran out -- still clad in her wedding gown, veil, and wrist corsage -- and began interviewing people. It's strange that Ying was about to have another wedding, because clearly she's already married -- to her job. 


In a video that's now gone viral (duh), Ying is seen on camera saying: "I am standing at the Holiday Plaza. Fifteen minutes ago, a strong quake struck. But there haven't been casualties in this area where I am standing." She then proceeded to interview witnesses for about 10 minutes, had a quick break to get married, then went straight back to work. Romantic.

Despite the awful tragedy that occurred, it's slightly comical to see Ying standing around in the street in her wedding dress and veil. Didn't she have one of those white velour jumpsuit things that read Mrs. (Last Name to Be) on the back? That may have been more appropriate. And while I applaud her dedication to her job (can't say I'd do that -- sorry, Stir!), it's kind of like: Really? Rushing through the ceremony, then back to work? Why not just reschedule the thing at that point? Or, ah, go to work later on?

Oh well, at least Ying's husband now knows exactly what he's getting himself into. If Ying is willing to skip out of their wedding for a story, I'm thinking there will be many rescheduled date nights.

But hey, congrats, guys!

What do you think of this?

Image via Gakyoung Tube/YouTube

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