‘National Anthem’ Belted Out by Entire Boston Hockey Stadium in Most Moving Tribute Yet (VIDEO)

Bruins national anthemSometimes it's quite easy to dismiss the world of professional sports as nothing but psychotic, aggressive, delusional fans cheering on spoiled, multimillionaire athletes who lack any kind of class or moral compass -- but you have to admit, at the same time, sports can unite and inspire us unlike anything else. Just take a look at what happened during the National Anthem at the Boston Bruins vs. Buffalo Sabers game last night, the first professional sports event Boston hosted since the devastating and tragic Boston Marathon bombings.

Blue and yellow ribbons were projected onto the ice at TD Garden before the game while Rene Rancourt appeared and began singing the National Anthem. Fans in attendance started singing along, and eventually their voices took over to the point that Rancourt deemed it appropriate to lower his microphone. What happened next is something you won't soon forget.


Check it out:

Here's another angle since you know you want to see it:

As a YouTube commenter said, hopefully this is proof that the acts of terrorism have the exact opposite effect than was intended. (And how absolutely amazing was it of Rancourt to recognize this moment, turn off his microphone, and step away from the spotlight?)

This also goes to show that fans aren't ignorant to the fact that there are far more important things going on right now than even the most heated and storied of sports rivalries (i.e., the Yankees and Red Sox), and they're willing to put aside their differences and come together when it matters most.

Being from a sports-loving city like Pittsburgh, I'm well aware how the camaraderie among fans and fervent love and loyalty for our team can help us escape from the increasingly crazy and violent real world for a precious few hours. And as we all saw at the Boston Marathon, with athletes enduring one of the most difficult physical feats in existence, we've heard stories in the aftermath of runners who won't ever stop running, who will run in Boston next year. The sport is a part of who they are, and as they and Boston fans proved last night, this far transcends the shocking, heartbreaking, mind-blowing events that took place last Monday.

Boston, stay strong!

What did you think of the fans singing along to the National Anthem?


Image via NHL

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