Singing Waiters Help Guy Deliver Memorable Musical Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

rob becky proposal singing waitersIf one thing is true about marriage proposals, it's that there's no one right, most romantic way to pop the question. It can be done in bed, at a park, in a video game, in-flight, or with a flash mob on a subway train. One of the most tried and true times/places is, of course, date night at a restaurant. Given how out-there some proposals in the news have been as of late, you'd think any ol' restaurant proposal would be a total yawn-fest. But not the latest to make headlines.

In what's now a viral video, Rob enlisted the help of the Singing Waiters, a British singing group that does surprise flash mobs for diners, to propose to his girlfriend, Becky. Becky was waiting at her favorite restaurant alone when the "waiters" suddenly burst into a Broadway-style rendition of English band Elbow's "Mirrorball," the couple's favorite song. And yes, it was as glorious as it sounds. Check it out ... 


Aww, see? I love how Rob took the standard restaurant proposal to the next level for Becky. Mostly by having the Singing Waiters set up and make this restaurant proposal all the more memorable. All he had to do was pop out at the end and get down on one knee! Hey, good for him. I admire that there was teamwork at play here. And that Rob appears to have been the maestro of a very well-choreographed performance -- even if he wasn't one of the performers himself.

There's so much pressure around proposals, guys must feel the weight of the world when they're trying to plan theirs. So why shouldn't they consider leaning on others to help them build their moment? In the end, a collaboration like this one could very well make for an even more dynamic, unforgettable effect.

What do you tihnk of this proposal? Do you agree sometimes it takes a village to pop the Q?


Image via Robert Bennison/YouTube

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