Adorable Two-Headed Pig Is Double the Snuggle (VIDEO)

pigsWho's got two heads and is sweeping up the Internet in its wave of curly tailed cuteness? This guy! The adorable porker was born in China last week and gave locals and internationals alike a big surprise when it came out with double the trouble. The two-headed pig isn't expected to live long, as any animal who suffers from polycephaly has a shortened life-span, but the good news is the farmers don't plan on slaughtering him like they do his kin. Aww, yay! More time for twice the snorgles and double the kisses.


We've seen a two-headed dragon (one that sold for $5,000, no less) and a handful of two-headed snakes (one that was albino, no less), but this two-headed pig takes home the top prize for Most Cutest Two-Headed Animal in the Whole Wide World.

Just look at the little guy:

What do you think?


Photo via usdagov/Flickr

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