First Couple to Marry at Denny's Has a Dream Wedding, Believe It or Not (VIDEO)

steve nancy kellerEveryone has their reasons for choosing a certain wedding venue. Family history, the couple's history, or just the kind of wedding you want to have can all weigh into the decision. For Iowa couple Steve and Nancy Keller, the couple that "goes together like bacon and eggs," being 30-year food industry vets and Food Network fans lead them to their venue: Denny's! In Vegas. Yup.

The couple won a contest in Food Network Magazine to be the first couple to wed at the much-anticipated chapel. They reportedly traded their vows in front of just 11 VIP friends and family and a restaurant full of bacon-, egg-, and coffee-consuming diners. Then, they toasted with Grand Marnier mimosas -- aka Grand Slamosas -- and ate a pancake wedding cake. Awww! 

Okay, okay, so it's not everyone's idea of dream nuptials.


In fact, it doesn't even sound like this is something Steve and Nancy had been fantasizing about beforehand, either. They're just a fun, laidback couple who thought it might be a hoot to be the first couple to wed at the Vegas Denny's. Nancy told local Iowa news outlet KCCI:

I knew I wanted it to be fun, relaxing and everybody to have a good time. That definitely happened. [Steve] knows me, we’re both a little bit crazy, a lot of fun. He said, ‘Sure, let’s do it.’

Now, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! These two clearly had their priorities straight and knew what their wedding day should be all about. If saying "I do" at Denny's offered a fun, relaxing time for them and their guests, more power to them! Just goes to show that there's no one right version of the perfect Big Day.

What do you think about Nancy and Steve's Denny's wedding?


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