Real-Life Merman Is a Sight to Behold (VIDEO)

MertailorIf you catch the light just right, in a special natural springs in Florida, you might get lucky and spot a merman named Eric Ducharme. With a chiseled torso, dark good looks and, of course, and a gorgeous, shimmering tail, Eric prefers to swim alone, but sometimes you might see a beautiful female mermaid in the vicinity, too ...

Don't believe me? Watch this video: 


OK, OK -- as you can see those are humans wearing particularly great mer-tails ... you got me! But Eric Ducharme is a real person, who just happens to love living the merman life.

"It's a lifestyle. It's a path in life that I have chosen," Eric says on a recent episode of TLC's My Crazy Obsession that explores his fascination with all things mer. "Being under water I feel, I'm just totally away from the world," shares the man who, at the age of 13, launched The Mertailor, a company that makes and sells mer-tails.

"I have tails that are as real as fish you just caught on your boat, which are available to every aspiring mermaid and merman who dreams of life in the sea," says his website.

I love this guy. His obsession may strike people as odd, but so what? He's following his bliss -- and he even found a way to make money doing it. Eric's creations have been featured on everything from Germany's Next Top Model to Saturday Night Live and -- of course! -- his client list includes Lady Gaga.

Eric's boyfriend Matthew Quijano also seems like an awesome guy. He was, at first, a little shocked by the whole wearing a mertail and going swimming in it at least three times a week thing, but eventually he got used to it:

When I first met Eric, I was introduced to the subject of mermaids, on our first date. Your jaw just kind of drops and you're just like, 'wow' ... When we go swimming I don't even see him because he swims off to his own little corner, it's all about getting away from the rest of the world … Sometimes we have to ask people what's with the scolding looks because they're just like, 'why is there a guy in a tail? It's supposed to be a girl.' ... Haters gonna hate.

Yes! Haters GONNA HATE, so do what you love! Not to mention -- that looks like pretty great exercise. I wonder how much those tails cost?!

If you could live out a magical fantasy, what would it be?


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