Woman's Parents Hilariously Blow Up Her Boyfriend's Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

ying jon marriage proposalPopping the question is a nervewracking enough experience that you'd think most guys would prefer to do it without an audience. Particularly a very intimate audience of just your girlfriend ... and her parents! But when a guy named Jon recently proposed to Ying, his future in-laws played a major, hilarious part in his attempt (yes, attempt) to get down on one knee.

Jon set out to ask Ying to be his wife by playing her a video that told the story of their relationship through photos, text messages, emails, and songs. He even strategically placed a few hidden cameras around Ying's living room to capture her reaction as she watched the video he had made for her. Ying loved it -- but she wasn't the only one!


As soon as the video ended, Jon came out and embraced Ying ... But before he could get down on one knee and propose, Ying's parents came barrelling into the room shouting with joy. Check out the video -- and skip to 12:45-ish what might be the best/worst part: Ying's folks.

So funny. Though Jon and Ying seemed to have a good sense of humor about the parents totally blowing up their moment. Though he did say, "I didn't even ask the question yet!" and seems to shoo Ying's dad at one point -- haaa! But it seems like Jon didn't mind involving them or having them be there for the big occasion.

I could imagine some couples not really wanting to share that private moment so quickly (as in, before it even really happened!). In fact, I'd guess most of us would prefer to get engaged in a more intimate way, and then share the happy news with family once we had a chance to enjoy it as couple. I'm personally really grateful that's how my own proposal went down.

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Well, to each their own. After all, one couple's worst nightmare proposal might be another's dream come true. Best of luck to Jon and Ying!

What was your reaction to this video? How involved/present were your parents or your partner's parents in your proposal?


Image via Jon Laws/YouTube

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