Clumsy Burglar Face Plants in Parking Lot but Walks Away With the Last Laugh (VIDEO)

clumsy criminalI don't know if it's his pajama pants, his jolly way of walking, or his adorably late panty-hose-over-face maneuver, but this clumsy criminal in Redding, California is almost too cute to punish. One minute he's peeking into a store window, the next he's throwing a rock at it, and the next he's face-planting in the parking lot. Aw!


Poor guy can't seem do anything right. He "hides" his face after already being caught on camera, the rock that cracks the window only serves to set off the alarm, which spooks him, and makes him trip and fall while trying to get away.

He did, however, manage to do one thing correctly. As of now, the dude's still at large.

Joke's on us, I guess.



Photo via krissgrail123/YouTube

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