Basketball Player’s Gruesome Injury Brings Teammates to Tears ... And Then They Win for Him (VIDEO)

kevin wareDid you see what happened to college basketball player Kevin Ware? I hope you didn't -- it's pretty gruesome. He was playing for Louisville in the Midwestern Regional final against Duke when he made a hard landing on his feet and broke his leg in two different places. But he didn't just break his leg -- his fractured right tibia broke clear through his skin. Oh noes, when we see bones! It just hurts to watch.

Even his teammates couldn't take it. In the video (which maybe you don't want to watch), you see them all just curl up into fetal position when they see what happened to Ware. Some of them burst into tears. It's exactly how you would want your friends to react to an accident like that. But Ware found the strength to rally them. Horrific injury and all, he was still yelling from the sidelines, "Win the game, win the game!"


Oh my God, the heart and the sportsmanship in this game! Teammate Chane Behanan says, “He was laying down, crying and saying: ‘Win it for me, y’all. I’m good. I’m going to get surgery and be back at it like I never left.’” OF COURSE Ware's teammates pulled it together and won the game for him. And Ware should recover well enough to play again. Apparently football player Michael Bush suffered the same kind of injury in college. He made a full recovery and joined the NFL two years later.

I watched the video of Kevin's injury and it reminded me of my younger brother. He broke his leg during football practice. I happened to show up on the field with dinner from our mom just as he was laid out on the ground, bone protruding from his skin. I was so dumbfounded at what I saw that I actually stood over him and said, "Hey, um, I brought you dinner?" He wasn't hungry.

Anyway, I'm just impressed with Louisville's team spirit. It matters that it hurt the other players to see their friend so terribly hurt -- and it matters that they pulled it together and won the game anyway. It's inspiring.

WARNING: Disturbing images -- don't watch if you're squeamish.

Have you ever watched someone suffer a horrible injury like Kevin Ware's?


Image via NBAHighlightsOnly/YouTube

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