Navy Pilot's Adorable Surprise for Mom Takes Over Entire NBA Arena (VIDEO)

navy pilot reunionMan, oh man, either it's getting mighty dusty in here or someone has been cutting onions. Either way, you're going to want to grab some tissues! A Navy pilot who'd been away from home for nearly two years decided he wanted to surprise his mom at a Chicago Bulls basketball game, and the whole thing was caught on video!

Navy Lt. Kyle Hanford got a six-day leave from his station aboard the USS George Washington in Japan, and he spent it heading home to Chicago and lining up the Chicago Bulls and the USO to help him make his mom's year. Watch this:


Awesome, right? Oh, it gets better.

Apparently the Chicago Bulls organization had clued all the fans in attendance at the game in on what was going on. And even though this was a huge game against the Indiana Pacers with thousands of fans in attendance, there were no lines at the concession stands in the United Center.

Turns out everyone was so excited by this military homecoming story that the basketball fans stuck close to their seats to make sure they didn't miss it.

In a society that's all about me, me, me, that little bit of news just pushed me right on over the edge of sniffling and into bawling.

If you've ever been to a major sporting event, you know that it takes a lot to keep people away from the food (and the booze). But the fact that they got how important this reunion was and how much respect they showed for this military family is just amazing.

What's your favorite part of this story?


Image via NBACares

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