Lion Stalks & Kills Heron in Front of Shocked Zoo-Goers (VIDEO)

lion catches heronLazin' around on a Saturday and watching animals stalk and kill their prey on Animal Planet or Nat Geo is one thing. Seeing it go down in person is quite another. That's what a crowd at an Amsterdam zoo must've realized when they were checking out the lions' den ...

Onlookers witnessed a blue heron land for a drink of water in a small pool of water within the lions' territory. Within a matter of seconds, a mama lion went in for the kill. One snatched the bird out of the air and brought it back to slaughter. 

'Course someone happened to be filming, uploaded the clip, and it has gone viral more than once now. Check it out ...



Whoa! Talk about a seriously startling sight. But hey, it's also just something anyone must be open to seeing at the zoo. Actually, I'm a bit relieved that when the clip went viral, most of the feedback online was fascination, not "OMG, how disturbing!" Okay, maybe very little kids should be sheltered from something like this, but otherwise, eh, that's nature, folks!

Because, come on, what do we expect to happen when we're staring at real, live animals set up in an environment that is meant to mimic the wild? It's bad enough that they're not in the wild anymore. I worry some people have the tendency to get so reactionary about incidents like they'd advocate the sanitization of experiences like going to the zoo, so they're perfectly G-rated for the faint of heart. That would be nothing short of a travesty.

Anyone who can't handle seeing animals occasionally doing what they do in the wild should opt for bowling, ice skating, a museum, or any activity other than spending the day at the zoo!

What do you think of this clip?


Image via Dewey Jefferson/YouTube

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