Soldier's Touching Reunion With Entire Family Will Make You Bawl (VIDEO)

military homecomingEvery day's a good day for an unbelievably sweet military homecoming -- so why not today? Jeff, a U.S. soldier who was in Afghanistan, returned home from his deployment to surprise his entire family in Iowa, and wow is this one incredibly touching reunion! And just when you think this video can't any more tear-jerker-y, boom, he goes in for the grandma! My eyes! My eyes! What's happening to my eyes?!

Check it out:


It really doesn't get much more touching than seeing a soldier's family members and loved ones genuinely surprised to see them. In one quick instant, you can see just how much these people mean to each other. This video is only two-and-a-half minutes long, but you can feel the love, man. The mom's scream. The dad's hug. And, oof, that sweet grandma embrace at the end.

Awesome. So glad Jeff's home safe and sound. And I'm sure his family is, too.

How touching is this military homecoming? Were you ever surprised by someone you love in the military?


Image via mrohnemus/YouTube

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