'Kabooyow Woman' Is the New Sweet Brown & We've Got Time for That (VIDEO)

kabooyowRemember Sweet Brown and the "Ain't nobody got time for that!" meme she inspired? She was interviewed on her local news right after a fire at her apartment complex. She was describing how she'd run outside, barefoot, inhaled smoke, and now, "I got bronchitis! Ain't nobody got time for that!" It was only a matter of time before someone auto-tuned it into a catchy dance tune

Well, there's a new Sweet Brown. She's Michelle Clark of Brookshire, Texas. A monster hailstorm swept through her town. And here's how she described the sound: "It's like KABOOYOW! KAPOOYOW!" Clark yells. And just like that, a new meme is born.


Back when Sweet Brown was going viral, I posted, "On my period ... Ain't nobody got time for that!" on Facebook. But then I thought, are we exploiting this woman? Is she in on the joke? What are we doing? Why am I so uncomfortable with this? Should I be?

Well, as Charing Ball points out in Madame Noir, there was a lot going for the Sweet Brown moment. And it makes a difference that some of us were laughing with her, while others were laughing at her. Now here's Michelle Clark, on the cusp of viral fame. And you know what? I'm laughing with Michelle Clark, too.

I mean, as a writer? I think "KABOOYOW" is just brilliant onomatopoeia. I love that word. Same goes for "KAPOOYOW."

And she delivers that word with such aplomb. So if Michelle becomes another meme, it's because she's good at crafting a catchy soundbite, and because the first thing she thought to do was call her mother. I hope she got help with all those broken windows!

What do you think of "Kabooyow!" Lady?


Image via FunnyLocalNews/YouTube

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