We Celebrate The Stir's 3rd Birthday By Reading Warm & Fuzzy 'Fan Mail' (VIDEO)

Writing posts every day, as we do here at The Stir, can get tricky ... especially when we tackle controversial topics. But you would be surprised at how even some of the most benign topics, like nursery rhymes for example, can get people all in a tizzy. And when people are in a tizzy -- whether they agree or disagree -- they show us their rage enthusiasm in their comments. So today, as we celebrate our 3rd birthday, we read to you some of the more passionate opinions to come from our posts. Check it out:


You see what I mean? Passion ... lots and lots of passion.

Also in honor of our 3rd birthday, we are giving a whole bunch of stuff away -- and guess what -- to enter each giveaway you need to leave a comment. So appropriate, right?

And listen -- please keep telling it like it is because that is part of what makes our job so interesting -- hearing from you.

Thanks for reading us every day for taking a moment to celebrate our birthday with us.

How long have you been reading The Stir?

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