Woman Proposes to Boyfriend With Elaborate Flash Mob -- But He Outdoes Her (VIDEO)

proposalThanks to the Internet, we've seen some pretty awesome wedding proposals in recent years. Though they're all different and elaborate in their own right, they typically have one thing in common: It's a man proposing to a woman. Brittany Jones decided to break that mold. And it worked. Sort of.

Brittany's boyfriend Austin Spitler had been away for two years on a church mission, and when he was gone, the two were only able to communicate via email. When he returned home this week, Brittany, and a few dozen others, welcomed him with a flash-mob style proposal at the airport. It was awesome! And the general awesomeness was compounded by the fact that Austin said yes! But shortly after the two got engaged, Austin pulled a ring out of his pocket and proposes to Brittany. Double marriage proposal! Gahhhh!

Check it out:


I have to say, Brittany's proposal takes the cake here (and good for her for being the one to propose [first] -- do you, girl!). But the greatest thing about this general love-fest is the fact that Austin pops the question right after. Could this couple be more in sync? They love love! And each other! Fantastic!

But hey, wouldn't it be funny if Brittany said no after all that? Austin would be like, "Whaaaat?"

No, but seriously, congrats, guys.

What was your proposal like?


Image via NBC

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