Man's Marriage Proposal in the Ocean Takes a Shocking, Hilarious Turn (VIDEO)

One woman can say the man of her dreams swept her off her feet -- literally. The couple got engaged on a rock overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach, California. The guy must have thought it seemed the perfect romantic spot -- or the perfect spot for the waves to carry away his girlfriend and have her never be seen again. Haha. I keed, I keed. But seriously, what is up with all of these wacky proposals? And haven't we already figured out that getting near water can be dangerous when it comes to anything having to do with marriage? So you can probably guess that this proposal didn't exactly go as planned ...


The couple stand on a rock at the edge of the water and the guy starts to get the ring from his jacket. You can see his girlfriend beginning to do that little "Ohmahgawd he's gonna ask me to marry him" jig. So he gets down on one knee ...

And then there's a tsunami!!! Okay, it wasn't a tsunami. It was just a damn big wave. One that knocked them completely back to shore. Can you see where this might have gone horribly wrong? It didn't. So ... we can all chuckle about it, and the guy gets a good video to put on YouTube. But whyyyyyyy, guys? Is a fancy restaurant and a chilled bottle of champagne just not nutty enough for you or something? Whatever happened to a romantic but safety-conscious wedding proposal?

I mean, remember the guy who proposed right after pretending that the plane he was in with his girlfriend was about to crash? At least that was fake. THIS WAVE WAS REAL.

Anyway, the ring wasn't lost and the girl did say yes. I just hope she's prepared for a lifetime of fun little "surprises" like this one. Perhaps the "I do"s will be said while they balance on a wire strung over the Grand Canyon. And their first child will be conceived while bungee cord jumping off the Empire State Building.

Call me a proposal grinch, but I like to know I'm going to live through my proposal.

What do you think of these scary proposals?

Image via Matthew Hartman/YouTube

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