88-Year-Old Dancing Nana Just Can’t Resist Getting Down to a Really Good Song (VIDEO)

grandmaIf you're gonna live to the ripe old age of 88, THIS is the way to do it. Actually, if you're gonna live, period, this is the way to do it: Dancing. Just like this Nana, whose moves are so magical, her granddaughter just had to capture every moment of her groove-tastic shimmy out the door, down the steps, and into the car. Nana is so absolutely charming and delightful and inspiring, I think "Runaround Sue" should start playing automatically whenever she walks through any door, anytime, anywhere: The grocery store, the bingo hall, the doctor's office ... this is one Nana who deserves her own theme song. And wait until you see what she does at the end!!!


Seriously, you CANNOT stop watching this video until the very last second. Because while you'll totally fall in love with Nana right at the beginning, by the end -- she'll be your hero. No joke. Watch:

See, I told you it was worth waiting for the end!! "I could dance all f*cking day." Oh Nana, how I love you. You make me want to dance all f*cking day, too.

Is this Nana the coolest 88-year-old ever or what?


Image via Nana Feole/YouTube

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