‘Harlem Shake’ Fad Gets Workers Fired in Most Regrettable Version Yet (VIDEO)

Harlem Shake Australian minersIf you've somehow managed to insulate yourself from the "Harlem Shake" video fad, I'm sorry, but you WILL be assimilated. Resistance is futile. With 4,000 different clips of people taking on the dance being uploaded to the Internet daily, it's only a matter of time before you too find yourself watching a bunch of costumed people dancing like fools. Or perhaps you'll be motivated to join the crowds and make your own video -- but if you do so, consider the cautionary tale of these Australian miners, who Harlem Shook their way into unemployment.

It's clear there's increasing competition for coming up with outrageous environments in which to capture video, since just days ago there was an FAA investigation over passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight doing the "Harlem Shake." But are YouTube views worth losing your job? I'm guessing the ex-employees of this Aussie mining company would love a do-over on joining the craze.


Australian mining company Barminco has fired several workers -- up to 15, according to reports -- for uploading the following video of a crew doing the "Harlem Shake" at the Agnew gold mine:

On the surface it just looks like a group of guys having a little fun on the job, but in the workers' dismissal letter, Barminco said that the men violated the company's "core values of safety, integrity, and excellence."

I have no idea how true that is, but when your job requires you to wear safety gear, you maybe should think twice about publishing a video of people goofing around shirtless? Anyway, the end result has to be a giant bummer for these guys, because these are relatively high-paying mining jobs and management has now banned the men from working at all Barminco sites around the world for life.

I think the "Harlem Shake" videos are usually pretty funny, but the nature of people attempting to top each other's online shenanigans makes me wonder what we'll see next. Surgeons and nurses Harlem Shaking around a peeled-open patient? Air traffic controllers dancing around a tower as planes -- jammed with costumed, Shaking passengers -- careen out of the sky? I say it's time to go ahead and file this video fad in the pop culture archives, because the "Harlem Shark" has officially been jumped.

Do you think it's unfair these miners got fired for their "Harlem Shake" video?

Image via YouTube

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