'Harlem Shake' on a Plane Looks Like More Fun Than Snakes on a Plane (VIDEO)

harlem shake on planeI'll be honest: I still don't really know what the Harlem Shake thing is all about. I mean, I get that it's a Gangnam Style-type dance craze (OMG, I almost typed "electric slide," which clearly makes me at least 250 years old). But I don't really know where it came from or what it means or how it's done. I do, however, know that this video of people doing the Harlem Shake on a plane is really, really funny. And uplifting (no pun intended!). Because, yay! How often do we hear about people having fun and being happy on a plane nowadays?!

Unfortunately, not everybody gets as big of a kick out this video -- made by 18 Colorado College students on their way to San Diego -- as I do. Particularly not the FAA.


Apparently the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating this (and other airborne Harlem Shake-related) incidents for safety reasons. "Turbulence injuries are the most common type of injuries, and they are virtually eliminated when people are in their seat belts," says Steve Wallace, former director of the FAA's Office of Accident Investigation.

But the students say the seat belt signs were off during the videotaping, which took less than a minute, and that they had the approval of the flight crew and the other paggengers.

"We wanted to make sure that we followed every regulation and that nothing went wrong, and that it was OK," says student Matt Zelin. "We just figured being on a plane, you know, you need to make sure everything is safe, and we just talked to flight attendants and they were excited."

Soooo ... what's the harm? Like I said, it's so rare that we ever hear about anything remotely cheerful or positive happening on or around planes these days. Whether it's the TSA or some ornery passenger or a bomb scare or worse, there's always some bad news related to air travel. These passengers had a great time AND nobody got hurt!

Watch this video and tell me it doesn't look like a party:

Maybe it's just me, but I take this as a huge step forward. Maybe we're not as scared of flying anymore!

Would you be upset if people did the Harlem Shake on your flight?


Image via CNN

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