Mock Michelle Obama's 'Mom Dancing' & You'll Just Look Silly (VIDEO)

michelle malkin dancingConservative blogger Michelle Malkin has a bone to pick with First Lady Michelle Obama. No, it has nothing to do with public policy, the "Let's Move" campaign, or ripping her for appearing on the Oscars alongside members of the military. Apparently, Malkin took issue with the FLOTUS appearing on Jimmy Fallon and doing the hilarious "Evolution of Mom Dancing" viral video. Or, at the very least, Malkin thought it presented the perfect opportunity to take ridiculous jabs at what she sees as "wallet-grabbing," "debt ceiling-raising" liberals. I guess because Michelle Obama must not be the First Lady of the United States -- just the First Lady of the blue ones, as far as the right is concerned? So anything she does -- no matter how benign or fun-loving -- must be fair game for a polarizing political assault.

The assault comes in the form of Malkin's own dancing video, which is simply cringe-worthy. (Brace yourself.)


Yeah, and so, that happened. A buncha stale stereotypes and some really horrendous dancing is all she's got, huh? "Oh, ha ha, those silly liberals driving their hybrid cars, trying to address climate change! What a buncha gullible fools!"

What galls me the most though is that this embarrassment wasn't even called for! It would be one thing if the FLOTUS had taken some political jabs at the right in her skit with Fallon, but it was completely apolitical. The "Evolution of Mom Dancing" sketch did absolutely nothing to set the precedent for something as asinine as this. Except, you know, joke about how dorky, totally un-self-aware moms dance. Which just about all 42-year-old mom of two Michelle Malkin managed to prove, as well. Good job!

What do you make of Michelle's video response? Was this at all called for?

Image via Michelle Malkin/YouTube

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