Westboro Baptist Church Members Get 'Harassed' for a Change & It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

brick stoneHere's somebody pretty freaking awesome: Brick Stone. Why is he freaking awesome? Because the comedian (whose real name is Dave Sirus) didn't start out with the intent to harass the deplorable members of the Westboro Baptist Church, even though they certainly deserve it -- he actually started showing up at events they were protesting and interviewing them in an attempt to understand their motives. An attempt to find some tiny piece of humanity in these monsters and maybe communicate with it/them. But guess what?

The Westboro Baptist Church members turned out to be such a**holes that Brick Stone switched his M.O. to "chasing them away from whatever church, funeral, or PFLAG awards ceremony they were pestering." That's when he became Brick Stone: Fanatic Harassment Specialist.

Praise the Lord!


Because if any group deserves to be harassed, it's the Westboro Baptist Church -- a so-called religious organization whose belief system somehow justifies tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting as God's revenge for the passing of gay marriage laws. A "belief" which Brick Stone brilliantly blew to shreds in this brief exchange:

Brick Stone: Why do the Newtown kids go to hell, but not aborted fetuses?

Westboro Baptist: Because, my dear, they haven't been born yet. You don't understand --

Brick Stone: So at 5 years old, it is their fault.

Westboro Baptist: Absolutely!

Brick Stone: So are stillborns going to hell?

Westboro Baptist: No!

Brick Stone: How about three days after birth?

Westboro Baptist: Yes.

Brick Stone: Then they go to hell?

Westboro Baptist: Yes!

Brick Stone: That makes perfect sense.

Um, yeah. See what I mean about these people deserving harassment?! I'm sorry, but if this is what you go around thinking in life, all bets are off. That's why I feel justified laughing when, say, he holds up a black dildo in an interview instead of a microphone.

Just watch:


Such an eloquent bunch, aren't they? Ironically, if anybody's doing "God's work" in this video, it's Brick Stone.

Do you think the Westboro Baptist Church deserves to be harassed?

Image via rorschac/YouTube

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