Gay Man Takes on Homophobic Subway Preacher & What Happens Next Is Incredible (VIDEO)

subway car emptyWhen you live in New York City, one of the defense mechanisms you acquire really early on is ignoring crazy people. Anyone who is potentially crazy. And everyone who is riding the subway and spewing their beliefs to anyone within earshot. But when a "preacher" was subjecting everyone on the subway car to a homophobic rant this weekend, a gay subway rider decided to speak up. Of course, the whole fiasco was caught on someone's iPhone.

Specifically, the preacher was yelling about society's poor influence on children, likened gay men to pedophiles, and then asserted that "Michael Jackson died because he was gay." Uggghh! Thankfully, he received a complete and total verbal smackdown as a result ...


Warning: It might be a little hard to watch at first, because, well, the "preacher" is all sorts of disturbing and then, when he's confronted, he doesn't want to stop, err, preaching, so the two men are yelling over one another. But the end result definitely makes it well-worth checking out ...

How awesome is it that the entire subway car burst out into such strong, spontaneous applause?! That's exactly the reaction we should hope for from the majority of Americans when hatred like this is on display. And that reaction really does reflect the progress we've made and equality we've embraced as a country -- no matter what religious background we come from. 

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Still, the confrontation is a reminder that bigotry and fear remains. As the brave subway rider pointed out, the "false prophet" was preaching his drivel because "He’s scared. He’s full of hatred.” But when a man like that is overpowered and drowned out by acceptance and love, it goes to show we've gotta be doing something right.

What do you make of this video?


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