Weatherwoman's Hilarious Valentine's Day Blooper Is Totally Blush-Worthy (VIDEO)

The weather, at least here in the Northeast, has been cold but sunny -- a nice day for Valentine's Day plans. And meteorologist Danielle Grant seems to agree. After telling her audience that the day would be in the 40s, and a "nice day to hang out with your significant other," she let slip what other kind of day the V-day weekend will be -- provided you get lucky.


After the forecast for Valentine's Day, Danielle continues with her weather predictions for the weekend. This is where it gets interesting. I don't want to spoil it for you, so take a listen, and then we'll dish.

Let's recap: Soooo the weekend should be dry, slow ... and slutty.  Yeah, she really said that. She even said it twice. "Slutty? Steady." I think Gabrielle confused Valentine's Day with VD Day. Hah!

Poor Danielle flashes one of those frozen-in-the-headlights smiles of mortification while her coanchor laughs her fool head off. Oh, you naughty girls.

Anyway, I hope Danielle doesn't get in trouble for her blooper. Hey, Valentine's Day CAN be slutty, ya know. If everything goes well.

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