Emotional Military Reunion Shows Us Real Meaning of Brotherly Love (VIDEO)

military brothers

Oftentimes, when we hear of surprise, tear-inducing military reunions, we think of husbands and wives or parents and children. But watching siblings Meyers and Bailey Leonard reunite is a reminder of the profound bond brothers have too.


The video details what could only be described as a tragic childhood. Losing their dad at a young age, these brothers faced extreme poverty. Through all the hardship, they had each other. That is why it was especially difficult for Meyers to see his big brother go off to war.

In the years since Bailey first enlisted, Meyers has become a student and basketball player at the University of Illinois, always wishing his brother was there and praying for his safe return. The surprise visit as Meyers practices with his team is a moment that tugs at the heart strings like nothing else.

Take a look at the touching reunion:

Isn't this the sweetest military reunion video you've seen?


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