Hero Hitchhiker Takes Down Bad Guy & His Hilariously Crazy Interview Goes Viral (VIDEO)

hitchhiker kaiOnce a year, there's a breakout YouTube star -- and this year, that person is Kai the Hitchhiker. I know it's only February, but the world is hard-pressed to find someone more, um, entertaining than Kai. And the best part about this dude is he's a legitimate hero to boot.

Let me back up.

Kai was allegedly picked up by a man named Jett Simmons McBride recently who, turns out, thought he was Jesus; and some time into their ride, McBride allegedly decided to ram his car into an electric company worker. Then after reportedly pinning the worker against his truck, McBride hopped out of his car and started attacking the man. A woman then came to help, and McBride allegedly attacked her, too. So Kai the Hitchhiker took a hatchet out of his bag, and -- his words, not mine -- "smash, smash, smash." But the most insane part of this insane story is Kai's interview afterwards. If this isn't the craziest thing you've seen on the Internet in a while, I'll give you $100.


Check it out, but WARNING -- LANGUAGE!!!

Extremely disturbing language/info/everything in this interview aside, how fucking crazy is this? Sorry, Kai's making me feel curse-y. This guy makes Antoine Dodson's interview look like a sit-down with the Pope. I've never seen anything like this! Colbert even took on this guy last night. 

Not going to lie, if I saw this dude out somewhere, I'd probably think he's a little nuts. (Which, I mean, he is.) I certainly wouldn't peg him for a hero, but just goes to show you -- you can't judge a book by its cover. And sometimes it's good to have a hatchet-wielding hitchhiker around.

Um, thoughts?

Image via hi5viralnews5/YouTube

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